Solar men's transparent swimwear in sexy men's men's transparent swimwear styles and is Tan Thru.

Swimsuits For Men

men's transparent swimwear

Tan Thru really works.... and here's the proof!
men's transparent swimwear
Solar Tan Testimonials:
This swimsuit is the most comfortable I have ever owned. Last month while on vacation in the Caribbean, I wore the suit almost every day.  I can go from swimming to walking shorts over the suit because the suit dries fast.
Additional information:
Extremely quickly. Due to the open pores in the fabric, evaporation occurs at twice the rate of standard spandex.

Frequently asked Questions About:
Skin friendly fabric (anti-bacterial) - Once you’re out of the water when wearing a normal suit, you create an environment bacteria love. The dampness, perspiration and your warming skin temperature create this. The Solar® material is highly skin friendly because of its thousands of tiny pores which allow skin to “breathe” and not stay damp.

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